19 August 2011

Community Centre Chinese Class

On Saturday afternoons I go to a Chinese class.  It has many attractions for me. 
  • There is a native speaker teacher
  • It is a small group
  • I can be corrected on my tones
  • It is extremely cheap
  • I can meet like-minded language learners
  • It has a very relaxed and casual learning environment

I found out about the class by accident. It was on a notice board and I happened to see it while walking past. Other members of the group are interesting. One is part of a local Tai Chi group.  Another is a very young learner (primary school student) and it is good to see him starting to learn language while he is young. His grandfather also comes and it is good to see him leaning languages later in life. So overall it is a very mixed group of students.

For my own learning it helps me quite a lot. Even though the level is absolute beginners I still gain much from the lessons. 

So if you are trying to learn Mandarin, I suggest you consider making opportunities for practice.

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