20 October 2011


Just found this post today from Dim Sum

The Apple iPhone 4s was announced a couple of weeks ago. iPhones are very popular in China.

The hanzi and words for the iPhone is;

苹果手机 Píngguǒ shǒu

Breaking it down it becomes

苹果 Apple Píngguǒ

手 Hand shǒu

机 Machine 

Thinking of a direct translations in this case is how I can remember the word and the hanzi and never forget.  This to me is a ready made mnemonic.

I want to buy an Apple Hand Machine. 我喜欢买一苹果毛机。

Thanks again to Dim Sum for the original posting.

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  1. Haha I didn't know that they literally translated iPhone to Píng​guǒ​ shǒu​jī. Every interesting. Thanks for sharing this.


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