19 October 2011

The Great Firewall of China

Has anyone any experice with The Great Firewall of China?  Apparently my blog Chinese Mandarin Learner is blocked in PRC.

I have just tested my site on the Great Firewall of China website. It says it is ok. However, I have been told that the site is blocked.  Can anyone confirm if it is readable or not in PRC?

I am going to Xi'An next year for a short course of language study. I would if possible like to keep blogging. Is there a way that I can do this? Has anyone any suggestions?

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  1. Hi! Alla blogsport blogs are blocked at the moment and it have been like that for a long time. But you can use one of many softwares that allows you to access all the websites. Right now I'm using GoTrusted which is not free, but not expensive and works well.


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