06 August 2011

Free Chinese Video Lessons - Peggy Teaches Chinese

When I want to practice or learn a specific skill or grammar point in Chinese I often have a search on YouTube. There are lots of native speaker teachers very keen to teach their language. Of course there is a range of quality of the videos and they don’t always match up exactly with my current language learning needs. Despite this I have a couple of favourite YouTube teachers. One of these teachers is Peggy she has a serious of videos called Peggy Teaches Chinese.

The quality of the videos are quite good, grammar explanations are very good. For a quick short explanation I find these types of videos perfect for my learning needs.  As Peggy is Taiwanese and the Taiwanese use traditional characters and the tones are not marked with tone marks but numbers these aspects are not useful to me. On the plus side the videos are often short, practical and very well explained. I like the role plays and the humour too. All parts played by Peggy.  Have a look and see what you think of the following examples.

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