21 August 2011

中文Red 中文Blue 中文Green

Recently I found these three excellent resources.  Three websites called Chinese language Red, Blue and Green. The three websites all have lessons in simplified hanzi, pinyin and English. There are PDFs to download and mp3s of native speakers.  Finding specific grammar points or words is sometimes a bit hit and miss, as there is not search. However, for the quantity and quality of the free lessons all three web sites are really useful for quick specifics for sentences and grammar. The web site states that it is a vocabulary-centered language learning.   Have a look at Chinese language Red, Blue and Green; 中文Red  中文Blue 中文Green


  1. Purely due to laziness - I don't have time to check right now, what's the difference between red, blue and green?

  2. Good question Colin.

    Zhongwen Red is a vocabulary-centered language learning program.

    Zhongwen Blue is best used in conjunction with a traditional class and textbook.

    Zhongwen Green is best used as an addition to other study materials.

    The last one is incomplete and stops after lesson 59.

  3. I followed one of the links from Zhongwen Red to http://www.daydayupchinese.com/ which also looks quite good. I love the comment about their course "presents authentic and practical language that is immediately useful - no more dialogs about Beijing opera" .... Chapter 6 anyone ... :P


Thank you for your contibution

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