29 October 2011

After reading this I am depressed

After reading this I am depressed --> Record low as students reject HSC languages . Nearly every story or article I read about language learning from an Australian newspaper, tells me that language learning is in decline. This is depressing news indeed for language teachers. The message is that language learning and teaching is not valued. At the same time I keep reading that places Africa, England and America are starting up and actively promoting Chinese language learning in schools. I find it disturbing that Australian schools are so slow to encourage  and promote learning Chinese in schools, colleges and universities. Below is a comment that I think typifies and sums up Australian attitudes to language learning

"Chinese is way too difficult for Australians, our lovable bogan population may breed well but their children struggle at school as it is."

Similar comments to be found in response to  Mandarin in, koala out in bid for Chinese dollar

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