12 October 2011

Small Bites of Chinese

Here is an excellent learning resource called Dear Dim Sum. This blog has small bites of Chinese everyday. The analogy of Dim Sum, the small portions you would have served in a Chinese restaurant, is clever. So everyday you can read and hear a word with an example or two. The Hanzi are well explained too. As well as this there are themes and threads of sets of words. The archives of the blog have; greetings, colour, animals, food, family and many more. The explanations are very good with examples in hanzi, pinyin and English. You can request subjects or topics you whish to learn. This really is a very handy blog to learn from. Have a look at Dear Dim Sum.

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  1. Thank you for your supportive review Jonathan! Learning Chinese can be challenging, but with a great community it's totally do-able, and fun!
    -Dear Dim Sum


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