16 December 2011

Building an Asia – Literate Australia

This report is about three and half years old now. It was written as a post 2020 Australia Summit report and recommendation. The summit was held in April 2008 and the report was presented about one year later in 2009. I find the report interesting as it sets out many recommendations that are still being discussed and debated now. It seems our current federal and state governments have failed to act on any of the advice and recommendations that were obvious about four years ago.
Chinese books
This quote is a good summary of what the report aims were;

“This Report is not intended as a criticism of the Rudd governments National Asian Languages in Secondary Schools policy; we applaud it for resurrecting a national program to promote Asian language education. We intended to promote discussion of the need for a more comprehensive and extensive program of Asia literacy. “

Alas the funding for the resurrection of National Asian Languages has run out. There seems to be very little action taken on the advice of the report. The full report can be read here Building an Asia – Literate Australia

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