04 December 2011

Open University Beginners' Chinese

Quite often on the Chinese learning forums I read there are people seeking a place to begin learning Chinese. I Found this free course yesterday. Aimed at absolute beginners this course has excellent explanations of the basics. Very thorough texts on a variety of must know beginner information. The modules of work include;

  • The Chinese Language
  • Introducing Yourself
  • Describing Activities
  • Names of Languages
  • Food and Drinks

Each of these main catagories has many sub sections. This is a Moodle course and has many quizes and tests that you can reinforce your learning. The quizes are corrected and you can get instant feedback. Redo these as many times as you need to get a better score. Overall this course is an academic yet practical course in basic Chinese. If you are a serious about learning Chinese this is an excellent place to begin Open University Beginners' Chinese

Beginners' Chinese

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