23 January 2012

龙 2012 Year of the Dragon

2012 Year of the Dragon begins on January 23, 2012 and ends on February 9, 2013. Apparently dragons are energetic, robust and stubborn. They  are honest and courageous, and they inspire trust. People admire them. They know how to get what they want. The Dragon is a creature of myth and legend. It is the most eccentric sign of the Chinese horoscope. 

Their generous personalities give them the ability to attract friends, but they can be rather solitary people at heart.  Their self-sufficiency can mean that they have no need for close bonds with other people. In ancient China, the celestial Dragon represents an emperor and power. In Chinese astrology the dragon is the only animal of the Chinese zodiac year that is not real. 

  is the ultimate auspicious symbol signifying success and happiness.  2012 is the Chinese year of the dragon. So what does 2012 hold for a person born in the Chinese Year of the Dragon? Such people double their efforts in whatever they do - work, education and other projects. Their natural talent and abilities should stand out with great results.  May the celestial Dragon bring great good luck to you. 

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