27 May 2012

As I prepare for my looming CHIN201 exam...

Drobbox Dropbox

As I prepare for my looming CHIN201 exam I am using every moment of my time to prepare. Something that is helping me a great deal is a free app called Dropbox. This is helping me automatically sync my flashcards, study notes, books, audio, video and other Chinese resources. It is able to sync between my home and work. It is also syncing all my files between my computer, iPod and iPad. If you sign up and install Dropbox you have 2GB of free online storage. So as long as I have placed things in my Dropbox folder I have access to my study material. I think this has helped me a great deal as I have no excuse not to study. 

Have a look at Dropbox.

Wǒ měi tiān shǐyòng Dropbox de.

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