08 June 2012

Chinese course to be offered at JWCC

Chinese course to be offered at JWCC

Meanwhile in Illinois...

A community college in Quincy, Illinois, USA is to begin offering Mandarin Chinese classes. Sounds like a very serious course of study.

"By the end of the course, students are expected to have the elementary ability to converse, read and write on selected topics of daily life, know the differences between the two Chinese writing systems, recognize 200 simplified Chinese characters, master Chinese phonics and tones of the language and build knowledge of traditional and modern Chinese culture, including proper Chinese business etiquette."

"The benefits of learning Mandarin Chinese are significant, especially in the increasingly competitive business world," JWCC instructor Cindy Wu Williams said.  "At this time, there is perhaps no other more important or complex relationship in the world than that between the United States and China. A second language can open up additional career options in a variety of industries."

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