17 June 2012

Chinese language and culture learning more controversial than you thought!

Chinese language and culture learning more controversial than you thought!

It seems that the Confucius Institutes are a subject of controversy in Britain. Have no fear though the British press is alerting the public of the danger.  One might just as well attack the Alliance Française , Goethe-Institut or Dante Alighieri all three institutes have been around for a long time imposing their beliefs and culture on the unwary. All institutes forcing this through the innocent medium of language and culture.  Are these  also clear examples of 'ideological infiltration'?  Which is the accusation agains the Confuscious Institute.

How dare the Chinese invest money, resources and teachers and who knows what else to help foreigners learn Chinese language and culture. Be careful Ozzies we have a few Confucius Institutes of our own in Oz. They also go under the name of Hanban.  We also have Confucius classrooms. So Aussie bogans you need to be aware of the dangers of learning another language and culture. Mothers lock up your children they might learn something.

Read more of the details of the British controversy. Chinese ambassador attacks 'cold war' fears over Confucius Institutes

"Some people are not comfortable to see the rapid growth of Confucius Institutes. They cling to the outdated 'cold war' mentality," Liu Xiaoming Chinese Ambassador to the United Kingdom of the Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

"They criticise Confucius Institutes for being a tool of China's 'national propaganda'. They label teaching Mandarin as 'ideological infiltration.' So they have from time to time made irresponsible remarks in western media." Liu Xiaoming

America too has some issues with Confucius Institutes;

What are the Confucius Institutes and why are there so many of them?

US clampdown on visas for teachers upsets China

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