09 June 2012

Never too early to learn Chinese?

Meanwhile in Naselle, Washington...

"Instead of “Dick and Jane” and “See Spot Run,” the morning curriculum at Naselle for kindergartners next fall will be entirely in Mandarin Chinese ..."

"The district is considering implementation of dual-immersion education to kindergarten students whose parents choose to participate in the Mandarin Chinese program next year."

"If adopted by the school board, the program will be taught by a teacher from China and the students who voluntarily enroll will speak nothing but that language exclusively during their morning classes..."

I find "the sooner the better" trend being reported often across the globe. It is interesting that our opposition government in Oz has seized on this and made an election promise  Preschoolers to learn a second language .  While many places are implementing it is schools immediately.

In my humble opinion it is never too early or too late to learn Chinese Mandarin.

Never too early to learn Chinese?

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  1. This is wonderful, but frankly I think learning Portuguese or Spanish or Tagalog may actually be more important. China is still a COMMUNIST country and there is no proof whatsoever that they will be 'the' country by, for example, 2030. Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Philippines, India, South America, Israel are all bleeding edge countries when it comes to my field of endeavor: technology. China is at LEAST 10-20 years behind, frankly.


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