06 July 2012

Australia a popular destination for Chinese Millionaires

Some points about wealthy Chinese Tourists:

  1. Australia is the third most popular destination of Chinese millionaires.
  2. 60% of Chinese millionaires picked travel as their favourite leisure activity.
  3. Approximately 30% of Chinese millionaires annual spending is used for travel.
  4. Australia is ranked number three in attractive places for Chinese millionaires to visit.
  5. Outbound Chinese luxury travel market is stable and set to reach 77 million tourists.
  6. China's emerging millionaires are increasing. 
  7. Chinese travellers are big spenders. Favourite purchases include watches and jewels as their most-favoured purchases.
  8. Chinese travellers prefer to travel in style flying business or first class and staying in five star (or higher) hotels.
Some questions relating to Chinese tourism in Australia :

  • Is the Australian tourism industry catering to the needs of this market by training staff in Chinese Mandarin and Chinese etiquette?
  • How many workers in the tourism and leisure industry are learning Chinese Mandarin?
  • Are Australian tourism employees and operators prepared for Chinese tourists?
  • Do those working in the Australian tourism industry know that arrivals from China jumped from 156000 to 536000 last year?
  • Are Australian tourism workers aware that the number of Chinese tourist visiting Australia has risen by 20% in the last 12 months?
The potential to revive Australia's tourism is here. 

Sources of information:

Australia a favourite among China's rich

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  1. Wow! Millionaires from China must be so in love with Australia. Well , no doubt about that Australia is just a very incredible country. They got the Sydney Harbor, The Ayers Rock, Darwin Kakadu tours, etc. I want to be millionaire so freakin' bad! (wait, sounds familiar! lols!)


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