26 July 2012

Sinovision - Chinese version of Sesame Street

Elmo to teach Sesame Street values to Chinese children.  There are now 30 different language Sesame Streets. Below are some key points of why there is a Chinese language Sesame Street. 
  • Chinese version of Sesame Street
  • Fun fun Elmo
  • Elmo represents the aspirational desires of young children
  • One purpose is to bridge China and the USA
  • Help the Chinese define their images beyond their shores
  • See a world beyond China.  
  • The production of this version of Sesame Street is based in China
  • The puppeteers are Chinese, the set is Chinese and the writers are Chinese
  • An authentic Chinese version of Sesame Street
  • A growth in Chinese media and a growth in education
The creation of a Chinese language version of Sesame Street looks like a very well thought out strategy to for children to be educated in the values that have been part of this long running education series. The program has been reinvented over and over since its beginning in 1969.  I wonder how popular the program will be with Chinese children and parents?

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