06 August 2012

CHIN202 Intensive Study Weekend Day Two

So day two of the CHIN202 Intensive Study Weekend is over. It was good to meet our teacher, meet new students and catch up with all those who started the course in 2011. We spent a lot of time looking at the grammar for the whole semester. As for me I got far more out of the social and cultural elements of the days. It was good to hear how others learn to learn a language. It was good to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of our mode of study.

I have come away from this weekend resolute to change the following;

  • study harder - there are gaps in my knowledge
  • find an on-line tutor / school to improve my speaking skills
  • make an effort to improve in the areas that I am not keen to learn
  • aim to 'catch up' to some of the skills and abilities of my peers
  • perhaps study smarter not more (free myself from distractions when studying)

Some of these changes are going to gradual. I need to break some poor study habits. My time frame to implement all of the above is by the next UNE study weekend. CHIN301...around April 2013.

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  1. 加油!祝好, 你西安师范大学同学!


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