24 August 2012

I have not learned a single 成语 chéngyǔ


So far in my learning journey I have not learned a single  成语 chéngyǔ, I have heard that there is a problem that learners of Chinese may use these idiomatic expressions in the wrong context.  So it is difficult to get it right. I expect that this has deterred me from seriously trying to study even some basic chéngyǔ.

It is not really a thing to be proud of not knowing any 成语 chéngyǔ. I feel I am missing out on something…

I expect there is something about these idioms in my text….that I have skipped over and put in the too hard basket.

The amount of 成语 chéngyǔ to be found doing an Internet search is overwhelming.

So I would like to know where to begin.

Where would a 成语 chéngyǔ, noob begin?

Where are the common   成语 chéngyǔ?

I am looking for some very basic resource to begin.

Has anyone any advice for me where to begin?

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