27 September 2012

ELTF 成功 chéng gōng


Earlier this year I applied for a Endeavour Language Teacher Fellowship. Today I found out my application was successful so I now have the opportunity to return to China for a short intensive course to top up and improve my language skills. 


Also there will be opportunities for me to do some sight seeing and cultural activities.  For me immersion in the language and culture has always proved very beneficial and productive for my language learning. For me there is nothing better for language learning.

This has news has given me an incentive to study harder.  So that I can achieve as much as I possibly can during my short visit to China.

Details of my ELTF sponsorship can be found here; China Study Program  The Host University is The Dalian Education University

水到渠成 shuǐ dào qú chéng

Fruit falls from the trees when conditions are ripe

fruit falls from tree when it is ripe


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