04 October 2012

节日 jié rì Holidays ,女王 nǚ wáng queen and 朋克 péng kè punk (music style).

Just found this awesome guide to holidays in China.  Here in my part of Oz we have just celebrated the Queen’s Birthday (moved from July to October for the first time this year).

Here she is enjoying the 2012 Olympics.

Happy Birthday Queen. Hope you enjoyed your Ozzie Birthday holiday more than you enjoyed the Olympics.



Apart from the Queens Birthday holiday, we seem to have lots of holidays for this that and the other. I don’t really pay much attention… 

As a result I know even less about Chinese Holidays. I do know however that 01 October is National Day. I enjoyed eating 月饼 (Moon Cakes) during mid-Autumn festival. Of course 春节Chinese New Year is a very special time when I try to keep all my fingers and eyes. Surprised smile Perhaps I know more about Chinese Festivals than I do about Oz Holidays.

A bit of a quantum leap of my mind makes me think of the Dead Kennedy’s song “Holiday in Cambodia”… Which I used to listen to when I was a young man last century.

Warning You May Be Offended by the following Punk Rock YouTube Vid. This version is a rather clever Mash Up with Apocalypse Now clip. If you are a complete Wowser (In OZ, it is a derogatory word denoting a person who saps all the fun out of any given situation) DON’T PLAY IT.  Skip to the excellent infographic.


So here is the excellent infographic from Illuminate Partners, which I am very grateful for their excellent explanation of Chinese Holidays.

Anyone for Tags?

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