04 November 2012

Recent self-study adventures

Have had to do a placement test for my ELTF sponsorship.  Could do part A relatively well....so I think! Part B....too hard for me...Overall I think I am where I should be on my learning journey.

Wrote a homestay letter for my ELTF sponsorship.  Was quite pleased with the results...though of course it is not error free nor is it very sophisticated language. Yet I am pleased with the result. 

Trimester two finished a few weeks ago at UNE.  I have to wait until February 2013 to begin formal courses at my university.  Though this time allows me to indulge in some free self directed studies of Chinese.

Having four online lessons a week at Chinese Mandarin School has allowed me improve my spoken Chinese. I have really enjoyed the lessons with my teacher. 

These are sort of milestones for me. It is satisfying indeed to be able to do simple things in Chinese. 

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