01 May 2012

Being bilingual 'boosts brain power'

Interesting news about a study about bilingual and monolingual brains.

Extracts from the articles include;
  • ...bilingualism is a form of brain training - a mental "work out" that fine-tunes the mind. 
  • ...against a backdrop of noisy chatter, the bilingual group were far superior at processing sounds. 
  • It seems that the benefits of bilingualism are particularly powerful and broad, and include attention, inhibition and encoding of sound. 
  • Past research has also suggested that being bilingual might help ward off dementia.
  • ...those who were fluent in two languages rather than just one were sharper mentally. 
  • being able to speak, listen, and think in two languages and of using two languages on a daily basis appears to sharpen people's abilities to pay close attention to aspects of tasks relevant to good performance.
  • It appears...that bilingualism helps to offset age-related losses.
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