03 May 2012

Chinese language learning in Ireland and Indonesia

Meanwhile in Ireland

"A growing number of Irish school students are expected to learn about Chinese culture and language as a result of a new programme that has been developed for Transition Year students."

New Transition Year course in Chinese culture and language 

Chinese culture and language course for Transition Year students

Chinese class will spread to 50 schools
Meanwhile in Indonesia

"Indonesians are going mad for Mandarin in record numbers as they look to give their careers a boost by taking advantage of China’s growing economic influence and its improved ties..."

Chinese language is playing a significant role in building business relations not only between the two nations (China and Indonesia), but also among business around Asia.

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  2. Hello Everyone,
    This is an interesting concept. Chinese language has more native speakers than any other languages. It is written with symbols. These symbols are called Chinese characters. Chinese characters represent the oldest writing system in the world. Chinese language is the oldest known recorded language that was written in old bones and turtle shells. Thanks...


Thank you for your contibution

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