24 April 2012

Call to drop Chinese lessons for Year 12 | The Australian

There has been a call to drop Chinese lessons for Year 12 students.

This is a radical idea. Many good points are made in this article. These include;

  • Students should give up competing with Chinese background speakers
  • Teach Chinese only up to a year 10 level while interest in the subject remains strong
  • Re-engage these learners to study Chinese at a tertiary level
  • Clumsy system streaming of students needs to change
  • Universities need to look to be flexible if the secondary students stopped learning at year 10.
All very interesting and adding to the Chinese language education debate / discussion in Australia. Call to drop Chinese lessons for Year 12 | The Australian:

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  1. It is quite strange idea. Don't you think it is easier to learn a language in high school than in a uni?

  2. I agree with you it is a strange idea. I think that it might be easier to learn a second language at a University. It would be an elective subject or course therefore the students would enrol by choice. Also university students often (not always)have much better incentives to learn languages.


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