26 June 2012

10000 Chinese Language Teachers

Meanwhile in Thailand...
Thailand and China
This is an amazing project. What an initiative by the Thai and Chinese education authorities. This is a great opportunity for two different cultures to understand each other and strengthen ties (no pun intended). Through language and culture education strong bonds and relationships can be made.

It would be good if the Australian Government took some initiative and forged a similar plan with China. Alas Australian education does not put much value in language and culture education. Australia education often lacks initiative and foresight, as we continue to do almost nothing to improve language education. In 2011 there was a slightly similar project called Australia-China BRIDGE Project which sponsored relation ships between 48 schools and 48 teachers. Unfortunately the funding for such projects has ended.

To reciprocate Thailand will send 500 - 1000 Thai language teachers to China as part of the Sino-Thai educational and cultural exchange plan. Currently, China supports Chinese language education in Thailand by sending 1200 Chinese language teachers to Thailand annually.

"Thailand asked Chinese educational institutes to send 10,000 Chinese language instructors for Thai learners as parts of a Sino-Thai educational and cultural exchange plan."
Thailand Chinese New Year 2011
Thailand requests 10,000 Chinese language teachers from China

10,000 Chinese teachers on the way

China, Thailand To Exchange Teachers

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