16 August 2012

我 愿意 吃 一世 的 羚羊 肉 。I'll live on antelope till the end of my days.

Sometimes I really wonder about some of the example sentences I find.  I looked up 世, shì, life this gem popped up in the examples....
 "I'll live on antelope till the end of my days."
“我 愿意 吃 一世 的 羚羊 肉 。”
 我 愿意 吃 一世 的 羚羊 肉 。
It is hardly a sentence that I can just casually insert into a Chinese conversation.
乔纳森:小云 你好。
乔纳森:我 愿意 吃 一世 的 羚羊 肉 。
小云: ???
Equally random was this line from Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin that popped into my head.  
"Ooh, it makes me wonder, Ooh, it makes me wonder..."

The steppingstones of China's stairway to heaven

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  1. My Guess is that some sentences like that are just taken straight from subtitles, here it is alongside another one that as a bit of a giveaway mentions "Simba":



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