21 September 2012

September 2012 ‘Killer Fact’


A quick ‘Killer Fact’.

Meanwhile in the United Kingdom….

Pupils want to learn Mandarin,  yet the United Kingdom has only 100 people qualified to teach the language.

Population of the United Kingdom 62,641,000 (source World Bank)

‘Killer Graph” Population of the UK

population of the UK

What has this population graph got to do with anything?  I am glad you asked.

Some of the population of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland might have children who want to learn Chinese Mandarin.

Why do I care?  I am glad you asked.

Well as I have pointed out previously in CML, LOTE learning trends and fads in the UK more often than not mirror LOTE learning in Oz.

Today’s ‘Killer Fact’ brought to you by

Why Mandarin teachers have the remote control


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