29 October 2012

Australia in the Asian Century White Paper

Australia in the Asian Century White Paper was released on 28 October 2012.  Lots of media coverage. debate and discussion has and is happening now.  It is our road map for success. A road map for a journey to 2025.
So what does it mean for Ozzies?  I am glad you asked. Some of the highlights of what is supposed to happen or is going to happen are many. There is a series of ambitious goals. 25 goals or plans to be exact. Divided into five key areas: the economy, education and skills, commerce, regional security and culture. Too many to go into details here.  The full paper can be read here Australia in the Asian Century White Paper
However here is what is supposed to happen in regards to Education and in particular Languages Other Than English (LOTE) learning by young Ozzies.
  • Asian studies will become a core part of the Oz curriculum
  • All Ozzie students will have access to one of the priority languages; Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese or Chinese Mandarin.
Quotes at the launch from our Prime Minister include;
"Above all, success for an open Australia in a middle-class Asia starts in the classrooms, training centres and lecture theatres of our nation. Where we open minds, not just markets, to our region."
“Children in kindergarten now will graduate from high school with a sound working knowledge of Asia”
"All students will have access to at least one priority Asian language: Mandarin, Hindi, Indonesian and Japanese. These strategies will be part of our national plan for school improvement,"
Want to know more?  Of course you do.  Details available here;
Slide Show
Fact sheets
Media releases
Issues Paper from December 2011
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