09 December 2012

Killer Fact - Chinese Online Social Networking Explained

Should I try Chinese Social Networking? Will it help improve my Chinese?

In China Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are all blocked by The Great Firewall of China

So what do the Chinese do for online social networking?  I am glad you asked. Read on for the answer.

As I am off to Dalian in three weeks’ time and I was wondering if should I try Chinese social networking. This year in January, while in Xian, I was unable to blog….which was a minor inconvenience. I have heard of several Chinese social networking sites over the past year or so, but I have never really paid much attention.

So I was pleased to find an explanation on cn.hujiang.com of what the Chinese equivalents of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Chinese Hujiang.com is a social networking website with beginner and intermediate Chinese Mandarin lessons. It boasts 10 million users, most of them college students.


Renren or 人人网  Literally translated as everyone’s network has 147 million registered users. This is China’s Facebook.

Micro blogging is popular and the most popular website is weibo.com  It has 300 million users. This is China’s Twitter

Sina Weibo

Youku 有苦 Means excellent and cool is the video sharing website of China. China’s YouTube.


The number one instant messaging program in China is QQ. QQ accounts exceed 700 million. I am uncertain of a single direct equivalent as Facebook has a built in IM. As does Yahoo and Google+. Windows Live Messenger is still around. QQ International has a chat client in English.



So there you have them. All the Chinese Social Networking you could possibly need. You could use them to make Chinese friends and improve your Chinese.


Chinese Friends Online

All this information comes from 叽叽喳喳 Chinese --- Making friends online which is a section of Hujiang.com for teaching Chinese.

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  1. I think it’s important to learn Chinese and I have heard that learning Manderin is difficult .


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