23 July 2011

Flash Cards Part II

My previous brief mention of Quizlet did not really do justice to all that can be done on the website.  This site makes flashcards fun.  Most of the activities are offered for free.  You can create a set of electronic double sided flashcards. I have created sets in various combinations; English / Pinyin, English / Hanzi, Hanzi / Pinyin, etcetera. The interface for making these is very simple and intuitive. You can drag and drop from lists and import complete sets from other applications such as Excel or Word. 

One of the best features of is that Quizlet will read the card to you. This is really important for aural learners.  More importantly it is an excellent tool for Mandarin learners as tones are so important. Quizlet doesn’t always read the tone correctly, but it is mostly accurate. 

Below the cards are a number of activities to where Quizlet will test you. These are Speller, Learn and Test.  I tend to use the Quizlet Test feature. It will generate a random test which can be customized with these features; Written, Matching, Multiple Choice and True/False questions. There are even more choices for customization of your test below this.  After taking the test it will automatically add up your score and give you a percentage and grade.  You can retake the test or generate a new one. More learning tools include two types of games Scatter and Space Race. I have tried these, but much prefer the Test feature. 

Finally Quizlet is cross platform. It works very well on my Windows PC and my iPod and iPad. So anywhere where there is a wireless connection I can access Quizlet. I think every serious learner should use Quizlet to learn Mandarin. 

Below is a set of NPRC Lesson 11 flashcards that I created, same set of cards in with the Learn activity and the Scatter game.  Try them and see what you think. 

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