08 July 2011

Hanzi Practice Sheets

I find learning Hanzi quite enjoyable. For me I do not find it particularly difficult. I expect it comes from learning Japanese Kanji for many years. So learning new Hanzi does not bother me. The rules of writing Hanzi top to bottom, left to right and fill boxes before closing them is something that comes naturally to me now. I have several sources of Hanzi practice sheets; Hanyu.com has stroke order animations and sound files for New Practical Chinese Reader (NPCR), a site called New Trier has downloadable sets of NPCR 1 and NPCR 2 practice writing sheets  and lastly there is Hanlexon. I like Hanlexon resources as the site will allow you to customize your own Hanzi character practice sheet. I found this site very useful before my last exam.

I don’t really have one set method for learning Hanzi. I use pen and pencil to fill out practice sheets. I occasionally use my iPad with a drawing App. I tend to rote learn while listening to music. I do try to make links and connections with previously learned Hanzi. I do use a lot of Mnemonics which I shall write about in detail in a future post.

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