28 November 2011

10 Free Chinese Lessons

Grasp Chinese.com has to free multimedia lessons. Topics include;

  • Saying Hello
  • Introduction to tones
  • Ordering a Coffee
  • Airport -arriving
  • Taxi – going to the hotel
  • Hotel – checking in
  • Numbers
  • Breakfast
  • Shopping
  • Introducing yourself

Lesson include; Video, practice listening, writing words, writing sentences and a vocabulary list. Creating an account will track your progress and keep score of what you have done. All lessons are in Pinyin and English.

While all of these lessons are now too low level for me, I still think they are of a good quality. The attempt to create some interactive and basic lessons is quite good.

Not bad for free. Grasp Chinese


  1. Hi,

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  2. Chinese Lesson is a language school specialised in teaching english speakers the chinese language. The language learning methodology has practiced proven results that show that students learn two to three times faster than in other language programs. Thanks a lot.

  3. I attended online Chinese courses. Having a private teacher improved my speaking skill a lot. After a few lessons, I felt that its really an interesting language.Thanks for sharing this link as these lessons which include Video, practice listening, writing words, writing sentences and a vocabulary list going to help many.


Thank you for your contibution

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