07 June 2012

Mandarin language centre opens at Wellington College

News articles about Chinese Mandarin in the UK

Mandarin language centre opens at Wellington College

A centre dedicated to teaching Mandarin has opened at a Berkshire independent school. China's ambassador to the UK Liu Xiaoming opened the two classrooms in the pagoda-inspired building.

York visitor centre recruits Mandarin speaker

Growing numbers of visitors to York from the Far East have led the city's tourism body to take on a Mandarin-speaking volunteer.

Confucius Sought By Bankers Seeking Gold In China
Interest in learning Chinese has surged among U.K. companies and professionals as firms cut costs at home and expand in China 

Mandarin learning soars outside China (retro article from 2007)

In just five years, the number of non-Chinese people learning Mandarin Chinese has soared to 30 million. What is fuelling this expansion, and will it change the status of English as a global language?


  1. Hello Friends,
    You have created a very useful site and also very informative for all. Generaly Mandarin Chinese with four tones. These are the cornerstones to good pronunciation, and once you have mastered them, everything else will fall in place. Thanks a lot.

  2. Your article about Mandarin language is really interesting. Thanks for sharing your idea with us. I have intensive knowledge about Mandarin language , culture and we are making a plan to teach Mandarin language with the pimsleur Method for our students so that they will have sufficient knowledge about their native language Mandarin .

  3. This is an interesting development at Wellington College - it seems that many of the higher end academic institutions in the UK and the US are incorporating the learning of Chinese in to their programs; this is far-sighted thinking and will engender opportunities for these young people in the future in the expanding Asian markets. Learning languages can be the key to unlocking success for individuals in their working lives and beyond.

  4. You are right, there is a rapid improvement of learning mandarin language by non-Chinese people also there are lot more mandarin language centers and institute widely available in all countries.


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